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[sticky post] Grad school is kicking my ass

I do exist still, really I do, but grad school and real life have been kicking my ass for several years now. I read when I can, comment when all the stars align, and am still beyond grateful for all the wonderful fic written by you amazing people.*hugs*

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday
to the wildly wonderful 
Hope you have a fabulous day! 

Doctoral program, here I come!!

OK, so apparently I look better on paper than I think I do, because I GOT INTO MY DOCTORAL PROGRAM!!! And they're giving me full funding - all tuition paid - plus a $12K/year research assistantship for the next 3 years. I am so excited I could scream! Actually, I did scream, and danced around my kitchen yelling "yes yes yes" at the top of my lungs. Startled the 4 year old no end. Don't think he's ever seen Momma quite so... wildly excited.

Now if I can just figure out how to go to grad school while raising 2 kids and running a household, I should be all set...  *grins wryly*


**spins wildly in circles in total and absolute glee**
**collapses dizzily, giggling like a mad woman - 41 year old people don't spin well, apparently, lol**

Random grumpiness

The people who grade the analytical writing section of the GRE's are all uneducated idiots who wouldn't recognize a coherent and well-written argument if it bit them in the ass.
(guess whose scores showed up in the mail today?)

Oh, and if I have to watch Wall-E one more time today I may cry.
(guess whose 4 year-old has the tummy bug?)

And last thing -- night sweats? Totally SUCK.

goes back to hide under her grumpy rock...
Happy Birthday
to the incomparable
and the amazing

Hope your days are wonderful!

Happiness and Joy -- aka President Obama!

It's official now, so I can say this without jinxing myself -- I survived 8 years of G.W. Bush! May no other 8 years suck as hard...

Welcome, President Obama.
My heart is overflowing with joy and hope.
Chocklit cake for all!!

New dS Fic by misura

I just read a seriously funny ficlet over at rounds_of_kink by Misura.

It's a FV fic, rated PG, and called With Sisters Like These.

I'm not sure about the ettiquette of posting notices about someone else's fics over at ds_noticeboard, so I figured I'd just pimp it here. Spread the word, eh?  *grin*

Also, I can't code for shit. Guess I'd better learn...


Thank You!

 To the sweet soul who sent me my very first virtual present -- thank you for the polar bear -- I LOVE her.

**snuggles bear**
**snuggles sender**

What a lovely thing to wake up to!

But, but but....

Does anybody know what happened to the TwoAxes archive over at www.justthefics.com? It seems to have been decomissioned sometime in the last week or so, and I think I want to cry...

Bless the other obsessed people who know about suchs things. I will be a good fangirl and wait obsessively patiently for the new home to be available.


No man is an island...

...unless thay are at my house right now. Seriously -- the creek is flooding, my driveway is under a foot of very fast-moving water, both my sump pumps are running non stop. My house is an ISLAND. And my ten-year-old is at a friend's house, likely stuck for the night at this point, since the water is STILL RISING. Because it is STILL RAINING.

So now we're stuck here -- ain't no way I'm trying to drive out and get my car stranded and/or washed downstream. And I'm sick, so I didn't get to the grocery store, so we've gotta survive on mac-and-cheese and PB&J til the waters recede. And I'll probably run out of smokes before that happens, too.

This has been a Really. Sucky. Week. 

Anybody have a virtual life boat?  **sigh**